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Tile Levelling System


What is the Swastik Tile Levelling System?

When it comes to tiles, everyone has some unique design in their mind. However, it takes a lot of creativity, effort and professionalism to create unique designs with proper alignment. We are exactly the ones who take care of this problem and offer excellent tile levelling system.


Floors may over less area and people may not immediately notice it, it sure does put an impact on the overall look and feel of any home or office space. That is why we make sure to integrate style with quality . Our Tile Levelling system uses 1/3 of the spacer and also does it quickly when compared to other systems.


Our expert team has years of research on fixing the tiles on all types of surfaces including uneven surfaces as well. With the use of appropriate wedges, we create the much needed finishing of any tile spacing area. Using cutting edge technology, we make tile laying an easy affair.


The gouts are inserted parallel to the tiles and makes the T handle twist gives the right position. The entire process involves a lot of technique that our expert team does it in a professional manner. It is a reusable system that justifies for each penny you pay. We have expanded our system for even spot repairing that allows our customers to allign tiles on the spot .For a proper alignment pins are inserted into the gout and twisted in the right angle to get the alignment.


We offer products with a rich look and with high quality. Moreover, we are always available for any customer queries. You just have to call us to avail our services. You will definitely fall in love with our tiles Levelling system where high quality wedges, and clips are used. Tiles won't break up when alignment and leveled with proper care and right tools.


Taking inputs from our customers, we have mastered in manufacturing and offering the best tile Levelling system. We not only offer quality products but also make sure to keep the cost reasonable. With the right vision and a passion for perfection, we serve our customers with cost effective solutions. Our customers highly recommend our products as they use it for years together without any complaint.


It may be your home or office space, the we have a wide range of flooring options with the right tile spaces and tile Levelling system that takes care of the aesthetics of each place according to the needs of the customers. Starting from understanding the right type of Levelling, spreading the mortar, Levelling the tiles and screwing it with appropriate tools, our Levelling system is an absolute win -win situation for our customers. That is because not only quality but also we take care of the price and make sure that it is competitive.


Accurate tile setting requires perfect Levelling of the tiles.

Regularly it is difficult to appropriately set ungauged and thin tiles and additionally bigger configuration thicker tiles due to uneven floor establishments.


Thus, tiles that appear to be consummately level amid the establishment, after the thinset or glue cures; they frequently demonstrate a fluctuation in tallness and can com guarantee the feel.


This can be kept away from, on account of the new Swastik Levelling Spacers, which will save the ideal Levelling of the tiles, and will likewise accelerate the establishment.


Features & details: Tile Levelling Systems.
  • Swastik tile levelling system ensures flatness between tiles and avoiding movement dunga mortar setting.
  • Saving installation time and improve speed of tile laying.
  • Tiles are pushed not lifted. Providing better tile adhesions.
  • Suitable for tile with thickness of 4-16mm floor and wall Tiles.
  • Re-usable wedges.
  • Durable folding clips.
  • Swastik tile levelling system make 1.5mm grout line.


For more space in tiles use swastik tile spacers with levelling system.

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